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Obituary for Roberta Buss

Bobbie Buss of Windsor, Colorado
Bobbie was an avid consumer of facts; a rare one who retained information, and could recall it decades later. She read histories, non-fiction, and informational tomes. Her vast vocabulary included the abandoned and long disused.
Bobbie amassed a trove of collectible, restored, and repurposed items. No-one ever failed to be amazed at her home and it’s ever evolving themed décors. It was a joy to her to gift others with baubles and whatnots specific to their own personalities.
She loved her animals fiercely, and was friend to all with fur or feather. Bobbie had love in her heart, and passion for all things living or inanimate, old, discarded, and forlorn. She saw beauty and splendor where others saw nothing.
Bobbie is sorely missed, and remembered. Bobbie was unique!
Memorial, July 25th, Main Park in Windsor at 12:00P.M. Online Condolences may be made at